SPICE model for ADG619

Hi. I am using ADG619 in my circuit. Before the final implementation I want to simulate the whole circuit using a spice simulator but I'm unable to find the spice model for ADG619. Can anybody send me a ink from where I can download it. Thanks.

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  • Hi JayeshParmar,

    There are two options that can be an alternative for your simulation:

    • Using two ADG601 spice model which has the closest specs to the ADG619 but is an SPST switch. Tying  two Drains (D) together to create an SPDT is needed. However, for the IN pins, using an inverter is needed to invert the logic inputs from one IN (ADG601-A) to the other IN (ADG601-B). 
    • Or using the ADG613 spice model which is a Quad-SPST Switch. Tying two Drains (D1 and D2) together to create an SPDT is still needed. But this model will not be needing an inverter as the ADG613 has an inverted logic for the two switches with respect to the other two. However, the specs are not close to the ADG619 like on resistance and bandwidth.

    Let me know if this helps.

    Best Regards,


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