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Question about ADG1211

Hi All,

Can  I use 15V/0V for INx pins (Logic Control Input pins) under VDD=15V and VSS=-15V conditions?

Also, ADG411 and ADG1411 can be used same conditions?

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  • Hi Kazu,

    Yes, you can. The 15V/0V logic input levels actually are recommended to achieve lower Idd consumption. Looking at the Idd vs Logic Level plot of the ADG1211 datasheet, shown below, it is seen that Idd consumption is lowest as logic input level reaches Vdd or 0V. This behavior can also be seen on the ADG1411, so yes, you may also use it here.

    For the ADG411, a 15V/0V logic input can be used as long as VL ≥ 15V and that VL does not exceed Vdd + 0.3V.

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