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ADG419 application


Please excuse me to ask a question about an  ADG419 applicayon under unusual operation condition.

I have to ask.

The part is operated  from VDD=VL=+9V, VSS=GND=-9V,  and S1, S2 ,D =-1V to 7V.

VIN is driven by +/-10V source with a 10kohm current limiting resistor between the sorce and

VIN terminal, thus the VIN voltage is clamped to VSS minus a diode drop and VDD plus a diode

drop ,respectively.

Q1: Is it correct to assume the part will be safe  from the absolute maximum ratings point of view

beacuse the condition does not violtate the ratings?

Or could it be detroyed by a possible latch-up sooner or later?

Q2: Will the VIN LOGIC circuitry work normally under the inputs that excced the supply rails,

assuming the part will not be destroyed?

Best Regrads,