Analog Switch Suggestion

I need an analog switch to reset an integrator with very low leakage. It is a charge preamplifier for photodetection.

I want to use a guard track around the input node. I can't find a device where this is possible - the pins are too close together! So I have either the output of the amplifier or a power supply track leaking into my sense node. Not good!

If there was an SPST analog switch packaged with NC pins next to one of the switch terminals then I would have room for my guard track.

How about it, ADI? Will you be the first to offer such a great product? None of your competitors do either!

Low charge injection, leakage are also required, of course. AD1219 is what we are currently using but have a significant leakage problem which we are trying to solve by getting the PCB super-clean before conformal coating it.

Happy to discuss other characteristics.

Cheers, Hugh.

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