ADG804 : maximum peak current


I have a question from our customer about ADG804.
In the customer application, 3.5ms 350mA pulseed current flow from D to S terminal.
The VDD is 3.5V and this pulsed current is single, not repeatetive.

The limitaion for current is followings,
 ( from Absolute Maxmum Ratings )

Peak Current, S or D (Pulsed at 1 ms, 10% DutyCycle Max)
3.3 V Operation 500 mA
2.5 V Operation 460 mA
1.8 V Operation 420 mA

So Absolute Maximum condition is 10% duty, I guess that the customer's condition is not a problem.
How do you think this customer's condition ? (3.5ms, 350mApeak current)
The customer is asking me to get some comment from ADI about this condition.

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