Glitch from ADG1412 spice model switch

Hello, I am creating an amplifier with digital gain control and I would like to simulate the ADG1411/12 switch. I loaded the ADG1412.cir model into LTSpice and created the circuit you can find attached (sorry for the unreadable wiring). First step, only 68k feedback for high gain, then I close the first switch and 68k with 27k in parallel gives a lower gain, then 68k // 27k // 6.8k, etc... I run the simulation, and I still get a glitch when switching of feedback resistance, even if I switch when the signal crosses 0V. I don't get such an 'artifact' with equivalent MAX46xx components. Is this glitch real or from a bad model ? In Spice error logs, I can see 

Error: bad scientific notation in: "1.8/1000*v(92,5)*v([3e,]5)" 

This is from the ADG1412 model, is there a link ?

Thank you for your help !






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