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min/typ values

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: DG528

The minimum input timing section of the data sheet for tWW has a minimum value of 300ns and a typical value of 15ns. This is not how I understand minimum and typical. Can anyone explain this or provide correct values? There are similar issues with all the timing specifications.

  • Hi Andrew,  

    Minimum would be the value use as your minimum limit for your use case.  Notice on the ADG528A (a pin for pin part) we only spec Min for these parameters, see below marked in yellow.  

    Indeed the DG528 typical numbers marked in yellow below look like a typo to me.  This is an older Maxim part and to me it looks like a "0" is missing from these typical numbers.   We will see what we can find out about that.  

    I would stick with the "min" values as the limit for your use case.