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Alternatives to ADGS2414D for switching by I2C

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADGS2414D

Hi, I am working on a potentiostat in which the OPAMP must provide a selectable feedback resistor (so I thought of a controlled switch/mux), with a maximum continuous flowing current of 100 mA. The entire board has I2C devices working at 400 kHz (no SMBus then). I noticed that a new integrated circuit (the ADGS2414D) is now available that would be suitable for my design, but only works with SPI interface. I also foudn the ADG729 but only supports at maximum 30 mA per channel. I was wondering if something similar exists but controlled through I2C interface instead of SPI. The IC must provide at least 4 switches (8 is better), I2C controlled, capable of supporting at least 100 mA per channel. I can't find it in the AD products catalogue, is there any filter to be applied to ease the research for I2C devices? 

Thank you for your support.