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Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADG5436F

Hi Forum,


We were using ADG5436 in our design and since it was not available, we replaced with ADG5436F.


Following are the voltage levels of ADG5436F:

  • VDD = 12V
  • VSS = -12V
  • EN = 3.3 V
  • IN1 = 0V or 5V
  • IN2 = 0V or 5V
  • S1A = 0V or 5V
  • S1B = 0V or 5V
  • S2A = 0V or 5V
  • S2B = 0V or 5V
  • D1 = 0V or 5V
  • D2 = 0V or 5V
  • Rest all pins are No Connect


We observe a glitch in the output pins D1/D2 of ADG5436F during switching. The voltage of glitch is around 2V and pulse width around 600 ns.

During the switching in ADG5436, there was a glitch, but the voltage level is around 0.5V and pulse width is around 100ns.

Could anyone please help us in understand the reason behind the glitch, and advise us on what has to be done for this ?