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HMC545AE is not working as switch!

Category: Hardware

According to the HMC545AE HF-Switch datasheet the logic outputs A and B switch the HF signal from pin 5 (RFC) to RF2 or RF1.

However, if I use a similar test layout as in the Eval-kit I am seeing the input signal an BOTH outputs (RF1 and RF2) regardless of control signals.

I am using A=+5V and B=0V as control signals.

I bought the parts via Mouser and I triple checked the pin assignment / datasheet and so on.

How is this  possible? I expect "RF1 and RF2 are reflective shorts when “Off” and no signal propagation on the side, that is OFF.

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  • However, I am confused that you input 1Vpp signal from RFC, and you detected same 1Vpp signal from both RF1 and RF2?

    Yes, that is also my problem. Maybe I had a ESD problem with the production…

  • Anyway, I will retest the minimal setup, as soon as the new parts have arrived

    I retested the minimal setup with the new parts and now, everything works as expected with only one of the…