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Self-Test when using AD598 with ADG858

Category: Hardware

Hello and Greetings,

I'm experimenting with a project which uses AD598 with RDVT sensor.

The issue here is I need to make a self-test of the parts during power on.

And I've been wondering if I can use the Excitation (Exc 1 and Exc 2) direct to the AD598 inputs (Va and Vb) just to prompt the controller that the part (AD598 and/or ADG858) is OK and the signal path is OK.

And to do this, I've added ADG858 as an analog mux to set the default (connection to actual LVDT) or test mode (connection loop)

Best Regards,

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  • Hi  ,

    Yes, you can use the ADG858 (SPDT x 4) or ADG836 (SPDT x 2) and AD598 excitation output to its own input for the self-test during power on. It would be best to ensure that the output voltage…