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ADG1222 suggested connection

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADG1222

Hi, I want to use ADG1222 for switching applicaton on my circuit. I have 3 question about ADG1222

1) I am only use first channel. I am not able to understand should I connect all other pins to ground except, Vdd, Vss, S1, D1, IN1. 

2)I am also wondering which components or values should I use for bulk and bypass capacitors to input voltages ?

3) What are the effects of usage +-15V instead of using +-5V ?

Thanks for help in advance.

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  • Hi Erdogdu,

    1. It would be best to connect S2, D2, and IN2 to GND. This makes sure the switch state and lessen the effect of channel-to-channel crosstalk. 

    2. Can you share more information about your application? Why do you need Bulk and bypass capacitors in the input stage? 

    3. ADG1222 is not fully specified in +/-5 V. Normally the effects of operating at high voltage supply are Lower Ron, slower switching, and higher power consumption. 



  • Thanks for your reply Yuworex 

    2- Actually I will do switching around 1MHz. I think that adding bulk capacitance on Vcc stage is more reliable way to noiseless switching. What do you think ?

    3-As I understand, there is a difference between charge injection values rely on supply voltages.What is the meaning of negative and positive charge injection values ?

    Actually I am looking for least noisy method of PWM switching at 1 MHz? Can you share layout for that ? 


  • Hi Erdogdu,

    2. Do you mean the power supply of ADG1222, VDD/VSS? If yes, 10uF + 100nF capacitor will do.

    3. The sign is the direction of the charge. It can either be the charge flowing from the output towards the switch or vice versa. 

    What is the PWM voltage and frequency? what are your other requirements like VDD/VSS level, number of channels, and etc.? 



  • Okey I understand these, I mean with PWM, ı will drive this switch with square wave modulation at 1 MHz switching frequency by using +- 3.3Vpp  Do you think is it useful for this application? 

  • Hi Erdogdu,

    Thank you for clarifying it. There should be no problem using ADG1222 in your application. 



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