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ADG706 issue:without output and the IC's temperature is very high

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADG706

1,We use the ADG706 as the analog switch. 8 chanels analog signal are from the  8 current sensing IC‘s OUTPUT)(ACS712ELCTR-05B ).And we detect the PA Audio signal by using ACS712ELCTR-05B.

2,The input range of ADG706 should be ≤3.5V,if there is no overshoot.

3,There day I found a malfunction:When the 8 chanels Audio signal become higher,the ADG706 will without output,although the input is narmal. And the temperature of the  IC (ADG706) is very high.

Even though we turn off the audio signal,and there is no input for ADG706,it is still very hot.Only we reset the supply power of ADG706,its temperature become normal.

4,I do not know how to solve  this issue.It is great if someone can help,thanks!

The schematic attached as below.

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