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ADG1206 +/-5V operation for ultra high precision current measurement

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADG1206


I am looking for sensor crossbar array (32x32 ie 32 rows and 32 columns) characterization with time-multiplexed fashion. 

Our sensor current which passes through a specific channel (say 1st channel at particular time) of ADG1206 will vary from 0.1 nA to 100 nA. For safe operation I have following queries.

  1. Can I operate the ADG1206 IC with +/-5 supply for rail-to-rail operation ie for input analog of +/-5V range?
  2. For minimum leakage, minimum capacitance/parasitic, we are using four ADG1206 IC (ADG732 is ruled out due to larger capacitance) to probe 32x32 sensor array (image attached). By mean of enable pin and GPIO we want to characterise specific sensor among 1024 possible positions in 32x32 crossbar architecture. As attached, will there be any offset/interference/perturbance in multiplexer output if we short D pins of two ADG1206 and further gives to input of transimpedance amplifier for measurement of 0.1nA to 100 nA?
  3. At constant temperature and +/-5V can we assume that Ron = 125 ohm and 1.5 pF OFF capacitance?
  4. Could you please clarify in detail where exactly these capacitances [CS (Off), CD (Off), CD, CS (On), CIN] are building up when we connect D pin to any of the selector say S1? For your reference I am attaching one more image, kindly evaluate that.

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