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ADGM1304 Specifications

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADGM1304

Hi Sir,

ADGM1304 IC have include reflective function?  RF1~RF4 and RFC  each pints stand continue current For VDD=3.3V how many? out datasheet always show maximum ratings but actual use?



  • Hi Jack, Thanks for these questions.

    I'd like to clarify your first question, are you asking if the ADGM1304 is a reflective MEMS switch? If so, yes, the ADGM1304 is a reflective switch when in the 'off' state as it has no internal impedance to ground. The switch in the 'on' state is optimized for 50-ohm terminated systems. Great care must be taken to avoid floating nodes though. Please refer to the 'Critical Operational Requirements' of the datasheet for more information on this.

    As to your second and third questions, you can calculate the maximum DC current from the 'Maximum RF Power' spec. Say, it's 36dBm for the ADGM1304. This is approximately 3.98W. If you consider a 50-ohm system, you can work back your maximum DC current to approximately 282mA. The process, however, limits our Absolute Maximum Rating specs to 250mA.

    Hope this helps, Francis