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About ADG1201 LTSPICE model's leakage behavior

Category: Software
Product Number: ADG1201
Software Version: LTSpice XVII(x64)(


We estimate  ADG1201 OFF leakage behavior with LTspice.

Our peak hold circuit have capacitance discharge and ADG1201 is good for discharge SW.

We need to estimate circuit behavior with LTspice.

But we have difference from datasheet spec to LTspice result.

Please advise us anything.

 At first, we confirm ADG1201 characteristics with LTspice.

Below is datasheet condition.

We make below and attached LTspice circuit.


Result is below table

VDD=16.5V VSS=-16.5V VS and VD is in table.

VD=10V VS=-10V

-20nA leakage -I(V4)

VD=10V VS=10V 20nA leakage  -I(V4)
VD=-10V VS=10V 20nA leakage  -I(V4)
VD=-10V VS=-10V -20nA leakage -I(V4)
VD=0V VS=0V less than fA -I(V4)

20nA is over from datasheet spec.

Do we have any wrong ways?

Best regards.

Thank you very much.

Wrong file attached
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