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ADGM1304/ADGM1004 matching to 50 Ohm

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADGM1304

Hi, I am looking for components for a RF system design. I am new to MEMS switches, but I think either the ADGM1304 or the ADGM1004 could be a good switch in the design because of the low insertion loss and 4 ports to switch between.

I am working with a 50 Ohm system and need to either find components that are internally matched to 50 Ohm, or match the components to 50 Ohm myself. 

My questions:

  • Can I use the RF ports with other components matched to 50 Ohm as is, or does the RF ports of the MEMS switch need to be matched to 50 Ohm?
  • If not, is the impedance I need to match to R_on? Is this impedance purely resistive or does it have any reactive elements changing over frequency?
  • The datasheet says it supports the range DC - 14 GHz, is this before matching? I.e you can do matching within this band and expect similar results as in the datasheet, but the expected bandwidth after matching is a fraction of the "supported" bandwidth?
  • If this is not matched to 50 Ohm internally, do you have any other switches to recommend? It should have insertion loss under 1 dB, preferably work within the range DC to 6 GHz, have three or four ports to switch between, and be able to handle at least 30 dBm.

Thank you for your feedback

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