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Question about signal stretching when changing from S1 to S2 in ADG5206

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Product Number: ADG5206
Software Version: .


As shown in the figure below, a voltage of 10V was inputted to S1 of ADG5206 and a voltage of 3V was inputted to S2.

I changed the switch from S1 to S2, and got the result of the oscilloscope below.

There is signal stretching in the red box in the picture above. Is this a possible waveform in the ADG5206?

For reference, the red channel of the oscilloscope is the input of S2.
It exactly matches the signal stretching (curve) when changing from S1 to S2.

The voltage applied to S2 is constant at 3V, but it seems to be affected by the signal from S1 when the switch changes.

Could you please tell me about this as well?

Please help.

Thank you

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