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Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADG2128
Software Version: NA

I am trying to utilize the ADG2128 to connect pins via the crosspoint switch in my application.  I have two ADG2128's sharing the same RESET pin supply.  I have 2 issues.  When I try writing to the part, all the crosspoint switches come on, When I am only trying to connect one switch.  Then when I try to pull RESET pin low, the crosspoint switches remain on.  My next step is to try to connect the ADG2128 eval apps board to my hardware and software and see if I have a hardware or software issue.  Attached are plots of SCL (signal 1) and SDA (signal 2).  Also attached is a schematic of the hardware.

I have tried different logic voltages (3.3v) with same response.  I have scoped out the VL, RESET, SCL and SDA and they appear to be getting the correct voltages.  Clocking at 1Mhz.

I am only showing one ADG.  The other ADG only differs in that it has A0 connected to GND.  Writing to the ADG with address 001 does not seem to connect anything.  Writing to the ADG with address 000 acts like it connects all crosspoint switches.