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ADG411 Usage

Hello, just a quick one, what is the normal operation temperature of the ADG411 component with a power rail +/- 12V?
Explanation, I have a device (which is down) that uses 2 of these components. The first heater at about 94°C and the other at 58°C.
My question: I suspect that the first is dead (more or less) what do you think?
Thank you

  • So, sorry, I was too fast in my question!

    In fact the equipment is powered by + 12V and -12V, the -12V comes from 12V via a buck power supply. It is out of order.

    I remove the circuits that composes it and connect a lab supply on the -12V.

    The AD411 no longer heats or more moderately to 33 ° C.Then the device work fine !

    Another question : With missing -12V does the AD411 go to Latch-up process ?

    Sorry and thanks.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your question and I'm glad to see you solved your initial issue.

    The Vss supply should not be left floating. if it is not used it should be connected to ground. It is hard to say exactly if latch up would occur if left floating but the device would not function correctly.



  • Hi David, this device use an old technology and to avoid this we can use a Schottky protection diode on both power supplies, +12V and -12V could avoid the thermal avalanche when running the circuit and if one supply fail. In my case the -12V disappear.

    Like this:

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