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ADG441/442 and VL pin

On the ADG441/2 devices pin 12 is an NC pin.  On the ADG444 it's required to be connected to +5V.  ADG441/2 have a lower resistance cousin, the ADG451/2 parts; I use either, depending on needs.  Well... in these days of parts shortages, I may need to use either part.  Question is, can I tie +5V to pin 12 "always" as the versions where it's an NC, well, the pin is simply not bonded and not an issue.

I've used this sort of FET switches for a numbers of years now.  And I swear, I asked in the past, and had an email where it was said to be ok, but I can't find it.  And I have an engineer asking if it's allowed, and I thought it was, but maybe I'm thinking of a different device family.  I see his point of verifying before I design yet another board this way.

Thank you.

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