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HMC 857

Does ADI have positively powered equivalent for HMC 857? Can I use HMC957 with positive power source?

  • Hi 

    Thanks for your query, we will look into this and get back to you shortly.



  • HMC857 required GND and -3.3V to operate and there is not an alternative part working with positive voltages.

    However shifting supplies by 3.3V is possible, allowing the part operating between +3.3V and GND. To do that, every pin voltage should be shifted by 3.3V.

    - All GND pins and the exposed paddle should be connected to +3.3V

             - Optional capacitors to GND pins adjacent to high speed I/Os(pin 1,4,5,8,17,29,21,24) improves signal integrity/return loss.

             - These capacitors should be 0201 package and ~100pF decoupling to PCB's RF ground. 

    - Vee pins should be connected to GND

    - VR voltage should be shifted by 3.3V

    - SEL+ and SELx voltages should be shifted by 3.3V 

    - High speed I/Os (pin 2,3,6,7,18,19,22,23) needs to see a line voltage of +3.3V. Alternatively DC block capacitor could be used.