ADG1634 bipolar supply VDD = +5V and VSS = -10V


The ADG1634 datasheet specifies "VDD/VSS =±3.3/±8 V min/max" for bipolar supply.

I am checking if I can operate the ADG1634 with bipolar supply with VDD = +5V and VSS = -10V. Will this violate the ADG1634 specifications and result in any problems?


  • Hi Louis,

    Yes, operating the ADG1634 with Vdd=+5V and Vss=-10V violates the maximum Vdd/Vss specification which is  ±3.3/±8 V. May I know your application so we can assess what best we could do for this requirement?

    An alternative that you can check is the ADG1434. The ADG1434 is also and SPDT switch which is fully specified at +/-4.5V to +/-16.5V. Your operating supply should work with this switch.