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Demultiplexer Clarifications

Dear Analog Devices,
From last month i am searching for demultiplexer switch ic however I couldn’t get any appropriate part no.
My requirements are:
1:16 DMUX with pA leakage current,
signal current 1nA to 1mA.
One part ADG706 i got but ie out of stock.
In this part you have specifically mentioned “this part can be used for multiplexer and demultiplexer both”
I checked alternative options and found ADG1606, ADG506,ADG406,ADG526 etc.
In above parts data sheet, i could not find a single line which says these can be used efficiently for Demultiplexer.
One ambiguous line i found in general description and that waschannel conducts equally well in both directions.
 What do you mean by conduction of bidirectional channel.?

In above parts, one of 16 inputs to a common output, as determined by the 4-bit binary address lines (A0, A1, A2, and A3).


Since there is no common Input or Output Like other ICs say CD4067, i am afraid to connect as Demultiplexer where each Independent In/out can be connected to Common In/Out.

Please help me.
Thanks and Regards,
  • Hi Deepak,

    Our Analog Switches and Multiplexers are bidirectional, which means that they conduct equally well in both directions (drain and sources can be both input or output). In other words, you can use any of our Multiplexers as a Demultiplexer.

    To control which port is connected/closed, you can look at the truth table in the datasheet. See the truth table for the ADG706 below:

    Since you said that the ADG706 is out of stock, have you looked at the ADG726? This part is a (16:1) x 2 multiplexer.

    I hope this helps.

    Yours sincerely,

    Igor Ono