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ADG5412 series differences


I am using ADG5412F on my project, but, due to the shortage, I must change it with something else.

I see there are many ADG5412 products: ADG5412, 5412F, 5412F-EP, 5412W. But I cannot find an easy way to compare them all in order to know which of them could be suitable for my project.

Does anyone know of a comparison table or so?

Thanks in advance.


  • Hi Stefano,

    If you require the fault protection of the ADG5412F, I would suggest the next best alternative is the ADG5412BF. The BF version has fault protection on both the S and D sides of the switch.

    If fault protection is not critical for your application you could look at the ADG5412 or the ADG1412.

    The EP version of the ADG5412F is an enhanced product with more specifications including specifications for -55C

    The W version of the ADG5412 is an automotive qualified version of the device.