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ADG5412BF/ADG5413BF Cd(On), Cs(On)

   Dear all,

Although it is absolutely clear what the values are for Cs (off) and Cd (off), I have some doubts about the ON configuration.
I refer for example to the specification relating to the ± 15 V DUAL-SUPPLY power supply.

Cs (off) 13 pF
Cd (off) 12 pF
Cd (on), Cs (on) 24 pF

What does Cd (on), Cs (on) 24 pF mean?

That on Cd there are 24 pF and also on Cs there are 24 pF for a total of 48 pF on both pins altogether


Overall, considering the switch as ideal (Ron zero ohm), is there a total capacity on Cs and Cd (short circuit each other) of 24 pF?

Thank you
Davide Badoni

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