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Requesting for suggestion of analog SPDT switch IC


There is an requirement for Analog SPDT switch for our application board.

In the input port, either an analog AC video signal or GPIO signal is provided, depending on the input signal using an control pin need to direct the signal to output port as shown in attached image. 

Could you please suggest the below mentioned negative voltage supported SPDT IC part number for our application?


1. 1:2 single analog SPDT switch

2. Input should support AC signal type going from -300mV to 300mV and clocked at a 74.25MH

Thanking you in advance.

  • Hi Balkis, 

    Thanks for your request, to answer your questions.

    Requirement 1: I would recommend the ADG752 ideal for audio and video switching applications or the ADG719 switch, as both have the SPDT configuration that is desired for your application.

    Requirement 2. I think there may be an issue with an AC signal of +300 mV to - 300 mV at the input to the switch as this is testing the max ratings of the device see page 4 & 5 of both device datasheets. The high frequency of 74.25 MHz should not be an issue as both switches have a - 3dB bandwidth of 200M Hz or higher.

    Please have a read through my suggestions and let me know your thoughts,

    Kind regards,