Chaining ADG3308


I need to send SPI signals from 1.8V IC on motherboard to 1.8V IC on mezzanine board, but due to used standard, the connector must have 3.3V logic. Can I use two ADG3308s connected back to back or will that cause problems with direction detection?

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  • Hello Christian,

    Sorry for late reply.

    It's a custom 3.3V control system with interchangeable mezzanine cards. Some time ago we changed carrier board, using 1.8V FPGA bank, but we needed to use ADG3308 to shift to 3.3V to be compliant with existing boards.

    Now, the Client wants to introduce new mezzanine card, that we design from scratch, and we have 1.8V logic there, but cannot use 1.8V directly, in case someone puts old 3.3V card in the slot.