ADG1612 about Absolute maximum ratings

Let me ask you about the maximum absolute rating of the analog input

Can you confirm that you understand yourself with the explanation of the analog input items and Note 1)?

Q1: If the applied surge is clamped at VDD + 0.4V and the current value is 10mA (30mA or less), is it a maximum absolute rating violation?

Q2: When clamped by an internal diode, is there any problem if the current value is 30mA or less (even if VDD + 0.3V or more)?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jul 9, 2021 3:13 AM


    On page 8 of the ADG1612 datasheet, it is specified at the absolute maximum rating section of the datasheet that analog and digital inputs have a range of VSS-0.3 V to VDD+0.3 V or 30 mA, whichever occurs first. 

    Note that stresses at or above those listed Absolute Maximum Rating may cause permanent damage to the product. 

    To answer the abovementioned questions, both of them violate the absolute maximum rating.

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