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ADG1604 - Waveform change when connect input to source terminal


I'm using ADG1604 for channel selections. The input singal is sinwave, 50 Hz.

When I connect the input to the ADG1604 terminal, the signal waveform is changed alot.

1. My Schematic

2. The orginal input waveform

3. Input signal waveform when connected to the ADG1604

Please help me to findout the reason.

Thank you!

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  • Hi May,

    >Where is S1 connected to? What is your input signal source?

    The signal source is the Current Transform sensor, it's "like sine" wave, 50Hz.

    And the S1 is connected to the sensor output.

    This is the signal of sensor output (do not connect to any thing instead of the scope)

    If you need more info, please let me know.

    Thank you!

  • Hi Khanh,

    May I know how many boards have you tested and do the boards have same response?

    Have you tried to get a scope shot when the ADG1604 D pin is not yet connected to the input of the AD8436? Does it show same response?

    With regards to the oscilloscope set-up, have you checked if "averaging waveform" has been enabled? This could be one of the reasons for the sine wave-like D out.