Analog Switch Ron Flatness and TCR Matching Across Channels?

I am looking to select an analog switch for a calibration path in an analog circuit. We are attempting to measure and remove errors due to temperature drift in resistors and other components in a circuit. I plan on using an analog switch to switch a low-TCR resistor into my circuit. We will use this low-TCR path to perform periodic measurements and understand measurement drift over temperature. We will perform static calibration on the "active" path of the circuit, and so I don't care so much about the initial on resistance of the switch or initial channel-to-channel matching. Further, if there is temperature drift in the switch resistance (like TCR in a fixed resistor), this will not have a significant impact on our calibration accuracy so long as the TCR is the same across all switch channels involved in a single circuit. If these resistances change differently with temperature (for example, if one channel increases while the other decreases), then this will result in an uncorrectable error. I don't know much about semiconductor design; can I make the assumption that transistors on the same die will have very similar temperature dependence of their electrical properties?