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Other NMOS switches like ADG774A or ADG794


I was wondering if Analog (incl. Maxim) offered more NMOS type switches like the ADG774A and ADG794.

I think the purely N-type switches would be way superior to the CMOS switches in many applications that do not require the full voltage range from VSS to VDD, due to their low resistance, high speed, very low leakage and low parasitics.

Unfortunately, both mentioned parts are quad 2:1 MUXes for 5V supplies.

Are there any other parts with different switch topologies or different supply ratings?

Discrete 4-terminal N-Mosfets seem to all gradually go EoL and have way too large packages..

Best regards!

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  • Dear David,

    thanks for you answer and apologies for my late reply (didn't get notified).

    Well in general, I would be interested if you had any other NMOS switches. I find them basically far superior in any role, if you don't need signals all the way up to the positive supply and can live with medicore R_on flatness.

    But specifically: a +/-15V switch with R_on ~ 10 Ohm or less and on-leakage of ~10pA or less at Room temperature.

    Sounds feasible with an NMOS switch. Basically take an ADG451 and rip out its P-MOSFETs -> what I need Slight smile