Confusion regarding peak power and continuous power consumption for ADG1404

I am using the mux using ±15V of supply. I'll be passing signals with voltages between ±3V through the analog mux and a max (passthrough) current of 50mA. I'll be using +15V for 'enable' input (always 'ON') and +3.3V for mux control input. Now looking at the datasheet the max current Idd is 285uA and the max current Iss is 1uA. So the operating power consumption should be equal to 15V*285uA + 15V*1uA=4.29mW. 

Now at  ±15V, the max Ron is 2.6 so the power dissipation for a current of 50mA is (50mA)^2 * 2.6 = 6.5mW. So the total worst-case power consumption (please correct me if my calculations are wrong) should be  6.5+4.29=10.79mW

But now when I try to simulate a similar (in terms of capacitance, resistance, and power requirements) model ADG1436 (since ADG1404 is not available): 

I see that when the control input changes from low to high (0->3.3), there is a peak current of around 68mA at +15V (green, I(V3)) line and -68mA at -15V (red, I(V2)) line. So total power would be 15V*68mA+15V*68mA =2.04W. Which seems way too much for a switch. Could someone clarify the continuous power and peak power consumption for ADG1404?

Thank you.

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