ADN4605 No output

Hi,I'm just using adn4605 to swtich HDMI signal. I can see input clock signal through Oscilloscope,and read the register state is no problem, but no output signal on the corresponding pin. What Can I do just now? Thank you very much. Best regards for you.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Mar 18, 2021 6:54 AM

    Hi Jeffergu,

    I hope all the power supplies are connected properly and the RESET pin must be pulled to DVcc for normal operation (pulling low for RESET condition). Can you make sure that these are in the correct position, then go ahead and check the default registers read back wrt to default values mentioned in AD4605 datasheet. If you don’t see any issue till now then check below switch core configuration settings and configure based on your requirement.

    The configuration of the switch core is programmed via serial control interface, it consists of a double rank register architecture, refer AD4605 datasheet for more details.



    The second rank register contains the current state of the crosspoint. Each entry in the connection map stored 6-bits per output, which indicates which of the 40-inputs are connected to a given output. Make sure that the entire connectivity matrix can be programmed at once by passing data from the first rank registers into the second rank by setting 0x01in XPT update register (Address 0x01). Default state of first rank register configurations are,

    Map 0 is the default map and is located at Address 0x04 to Address 0x2B. By default, Map 0 contains a diagonal connection configuration whereby Input 0 is connected to Output 0, Input 1 to Output 1, Input 2 to Output 2, and so on.

    Similarly, by default, Map 1 contains the opposite diagonal connection configuration where Input 0 is connected to Output 39, Input 1 to Output 38, and so on

     Can you check the switch core configuration settings and check the output signals accordingly.


    Siva Kumar.