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ADG408 and 409 multiplexer

Hello, i want to replace the multiplexers in audio devices with these types. The old ones are CD4051 and 4052 CMOS. Yes, i know they are not pin compatible, but this won´t be a problem. The ADG type should have some advantages as low noise and the cut-off before switching. 

Now, i want to know if i have to change the design for the following buffer stage or could it be used like for the CD types? I have not found any sample circuits or plans for audio usage...

I would be glad if anyone has some tips or informations for me



  • Hi, Tom.

    Could you share more details about this application? Information like voltage range, supply voltage, operating frequency and a schematic will help us better understand your question.

    Yours sincerely,


  • System has thrown out my picture... once again.

    I´m working on a vintage amplifier made by dual (company originally doesn´t exist anymore). They have bought out in their last steps two amps with a complete multiplexer control (no potis inside). All inputs, volume control, bass treble and balance is switched by CD4051 multiplexers. For this age a revolution. They are working with +/-7.5V regulated; the buffer op-amps +/-15V and the max of this power source has +/-18V. The frequency is the normal audio range; at least 20-20000HZ with no deviation.

    Now. i want to replace this chips with the named types cause the they have no break before... and are not really low noise.

    I try to find a solution to upload the schematics, but in www you can find easily the plan of the DUAL RC440 amp.



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