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Power supply operation

Good day!

Accoring to parameter table 

ADG1206 и ADG1219 can operate from single supply +5V.

But in datasheet there are no such information.

Do they can operate from single supply +5V?

Can you help to find good mux for +5V operational? I did find something close to adg1206.

We need ultra low charge injection and ultra low capacitance (Con, Coff)

1:16, 1:2 may by 1:8

  • Hello,

    The ADG1206 & ADG1219 are functional at 5 V single supply, this is shown in the datasheet power requirements.

    However that means that they will switch on and off, we do not guarantee any of the specific parameters at this supply.

    For parts optimized at 5 V single supply, you could look at the ADG7xx family. ADG719 and ADG706 might be of interest to you.