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ADG5421 insolation behavior at Vdd=0V


We want to achieve the goal, to switch of the both datalines: positive and negative of an RS485 bus when the supply voltages was turned off. Therefore we have choosen the ADG5421 connected to the power supply which was turned off. We have encountered, that the switch works fine until the supply voltage of the ADG5421 is low. Than, the insolation between in and output for our 5V RS485 signal is worse. Almost the same input signal appears on the output.

I have seen that the "ADG4612" has guaranteed outputs to off without any supply voltage. But unfortunately our power supply voltage is +24VDC and this type of switch cannot handle this.

Can somebody give me a recommondation for an comparable switch to ADG5421 with guranteed off switches without supply and an supply voltage range up to 24VDC?


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