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Please help me find a fast, dual supply SPDT analog switch

My use case is to create a variable amplitude one-shot pulse (with a width of 1-2us) using the SPDT. A single pulse is used as a trigger to the switch. I have been using ADG619 till now but its very slow (80-150ns rise/fall time due to high Ton and Toff time of the switch) and hence introduces big rise and fall edges to my 1-2us (single) pulse. The pulse height would be a maximum (can be less than that) of 3Vp-p and the amplitude would range between ±3V. So I need a dual supply switch. I would really prefer it if the rise and fall time reduces to around 10-20ns.

I did some searching and I couldn't find many things except AD8170 but I am not sure if it is an analog switch or just a digital mux (also couldn't verify it since the simulation model doesn't work). If you have any recommendations, please let me know.