ADG5419 and AD9106

Is ADG5419BCPZ-RL7 and AD9106BCPZ compatible?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Sep 7, 2020 3:43 AM 5 months ago


    Are you planning to connect ADG5419 at the output channels of AD9106?
    If yes, then please add the series resistance of ADG5419 in matching the impedance at the primary side and secondary side of the RF transformer connected to AD9106 outputs.
    For example, in the schematic shown below, a 4:1 RF transformer was used to match the differential current outputs of one DAC channel both terminated with 249-Ohm resistors, to 50-Ohm SMA connectors with in-series 75-Ohm resistors (total of 125 Ohms). If the ADG5419 will be inserted between the transformer and the SMA connector, then there should be an in-series resistor of 75 minus ADG5419 R-on.

    -3dB BW of 170MHz+ is also okay considering recommended maximum operating frequency of AD9106 is 1/4 of max clock rate of 180MHz.

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  • Hello, I use adg5419 to output 0-3.3 PWM wave, but I actually need 0.8-2V, how can I achieve it?