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Single SPST analog switch with power off protection


I search an analog switch with the following characteristic :

- single SPST - NO (like ADG1402)

- dual supply +/-5V - +/-15V or single supply +5V - +15V

- analog input +/-3V

- power off protection (like ADG4612)

- SMT Package

Is the a component like that in your catalog ?

Best regards

Add analog input +/-3V
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  • Hi,

    Thanks for your interest in ADI Switches.

    You could take a look at the ADG5401F. It is pre-release at the moment but is due to release very soon.

    This switch is a single channel switch with both power on and power off protection up to +/-60V. It has some extra features for using on an analog output such as protected feed back channel & open loop protection.

    Can  you give me any more details on your application so I can narrow down the selection?



  • Thinks for this answer.

    Some details about my needs : On an electronics board I have an issue ; when it is powered off, I have a signal on an output in place of zero. Then, I want to add a switch to active the output only when the the board is turned on.

    Do you a relase date for the ADG5410F ?

    Best regards