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ADN4605 VCC and termination voltage for SDI

We are designing a 20x20 3G-SDI video crosspoint switch using the ADN4605 at the heart of it.  I've poured through the ADN4605 datasheet and evaluation board schematic (which is HDMI/DVI-centric), and am confused as to what voltage I should be using for VTTIx and VTTOx.  We are using T.I.'s LMH0397 as the cable equalizer on the inputs as well as the reclocker/cable driver on the outputs.  Those LMH0397's run on 2.5V.  I'm using AC coupling (per the recommendations on the LMH0397) for all differential pairs.  I assume I want to use 3.3V for DVCC and 2.5V for VCC.  The last point that I am unclear about is what voltage I should be using for VTTIx and VTTOx, as well as anything else I need to know about using the ADN4605 for SDI signals.