Regarding Analog Mux ADG5409


I have 48 cells ( each may vary from 0 to 5V) connected in series. I have to monitor all cell voltages using ADC. ADC can take up to 12 cell voltages at a time. ADC reads the cell voltages in differential mode and can handle max 5V input.

 I am using ADG 5209 ICs To provide 12 cell voltages at a time out of 48 cell voltages. the scheme and cell mapping  to achive this using ADG 5209 IC is attached with this discussion. in this scheme total 12 such Analog Mux are required. each analog mux is supplies by 4 cell voltages.

( e.g switch 1 is supplied by cell 1, cell 13, cell 15 and cell 37. Cell 2 is supplied by cell 2, cell 14, cell 26 and cell 38 so on switch 12 is supplied by cell 12, cell 24, cell 36 and cell 48)

when Enable line of ADG5409 is enabled and A0 and A1 of all ADG5409 ar at "00"" Cell 1 to Cell 12 is get at the output from all 12 Mux sequentially  and supplied to ADC for cell voltage monitoring.

Similaraly When A1 and A0 are at "01" Cell 13 to 24  get at the output.  When A1 and A0 are at "10" Cell 15 to 36  get at the output  and finally when A1 and A0 are at "11" Cell 37 to 48  get at the output.

my main concern is that to work this scheme how I supposed to give power to the ADG5409 so that i can get all cell voltages with proper voltages. 


Request you to review the design and get back . thank you in advance.