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VDD rail for ADG904 part

Good afternoon,

I am using the ADG904 in one of my designs, and am planning to control the switch (A0, A1 I/O) via signals I'm bringing onto the board through LVDS receivers. 

The datasheet for the ADG904 specifies that the absolute maximum we can set VDD is 4V, however all of the specifications in the datasheet were taken while the switch was powered at 1.65 - 2.75V.  Is there any issue in powering the switch at 3.3V?

The LVDS receivers are operating at 3.3V, it would be very handy / easy if I could power the switch with the same bias.


  • Hi Dave,

    ADG904 is specified to operate from VDD = 1.65V to 2.75V. Applying VDD more than specified voltage is not recommended. Absolute max rating is once off stress rating only. Operating the device at absolute max rating may impact the relability of the device. So I will recommend you to operate the ADG904 with in the VDD level of 1.65V to 2.75V only.