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ADG419 Continuity Test Limits

Does this kind of device have protection diodes, both positive and negative clamps?

 If I do continuity (open/short) test, grounding all pins, what value of current should be applied to the pin under test? And what voltage limits there are for this test?

Thank you for the help.

  • Schmoo, in the ADG419, overvoltages at pins IN, S or D are clamped by internal diodes.

    Regarding the current and voltage restrictions for the continuity test, please refer to the Absolute Maximum Ratings, these establish the stress ratings of the device. Bear in mind that exposure to absolute maximum rating conditions for extended periods may affect the device reliability.

    The rating for analog inputs is Vss - 2 V to Vdd + 2 V, or 30 mA, whichever occurs first. Thus, as long as you stay below the maximum rating, your device should continue to work as expected.

    I hope this helps!