About ADRV9009 RX JESD204B IQ Data Sequence.

Here is the adc two steps crossbar of adrv9009 chip. (image1)
we select the jesd204b framer configuration(M = 4, L = 2, S = 1). (image2)
we set taliseJesd204bFramerConfig_t.enableManualLaneXbar=0
The Rx ADRV9009 JESD204B Framer Configuration (M = 4, L = 2, S = 1) in our board

How to get the IQ data format about "Cr0 S0 [15:8] Cr0 S0 [7:0] Cr1 S0 [15:8] Cr1 S0 [7:0]"?.

for example :  Cr0 S0 [15:8] is Rx1 I data, Cr0 S0 [7:0] is Rx1 I data, Cr1 S0 [15:8] is Rx1 Q data, Cr1 S0 [7:0] is Rx1 Q data. Is that right?

Thank you very much.

two steps of rx crossbar

The Rx JESD204B configuration of Adrv9009 chip