ADRF5044 and ADRF5026 Switches are not working!!!!

My name is Neelima, I am working as a design engineer in the UTS R&D domain.

We recently Design one R&D PCB with ADRF5044 SP4T switch along with the ADRF5026 SP2T switch Interface.

Yesterday, We tested our designed board and we didnt get the expected ouput frankly the switch is not working.

After connecting different voltage levels (0V and 3.3V) to the V1 and V2 pins in our board, the states are not changing. For all the logic, the switch three paths are not working.RF4 we are terminated with 50Ohm resistance.

Please verify the attached schematic and give the suggestions to us for further step???

Awaiting for your valuable Support :-)

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Dec 16, 2019 9:35 PM

    Hi Neelima,

    I reviewed the schematic, and do not see anything wrong.
    Is there a local FAE you can reach out to for help in debugging your system? Please define exactly what the failure mechanism.
    Is it always in isolation mode for all frequencies? Or are the RF ports in some intermediate state?

    - The first thing I would check is the assembly of the switches - to ensure there are no shorts or opens on the pins. An x-ray is also recommend to ensure proper soldering under the ground paddle of the IC.
    - Next, I would look at the ICs themselves and make sure they haven't been damaged during handling or assembly or application. Please look at currents and RF performance across frequencies. You could also do a DC resistance check and compare with an evaluation board.  
    - Please also review your application conditions - frequency, power level, digital signal integrity (overshoot/undershoot), turn on/off sequence.
    You can also use our evaluation board to ensure that the system is working correctly.


  • Hello sir.,Thanks for the Information.,

    We are from Hyderabad.,Is their any technical support from Hyderabad Analog FAE ??

    The main problem about the two switches are listed below.,Our frequency range is X-Band(9-10GHz).

    I hope You already check my circuit functionality.,

    Case1:- I am feeding the 9GHz @2dBm input signal to "J21" connector.,I am expecting the output in "J20" Connector.,in these case.

    But,I am getting the Signal After Power divider as per the PD insertion Loss.In "J20 connector we are getting -22dBm.,Similarly we will check the Isolation in other port in that case also we will get the -31dBm.

    In these case we remove the control signal then we will get the same result.The control signal impact is not getting.

    Case2:- For another Switch behavior is also nearly same controls present and not present behavior is same.

    Coming to power supply sequence., We didn't follow any sequence for power supply.We are feeding the +3.3V and -3.3V through RPS power Supply and control signal After System Power On we will give the high and low states through Power Source of RPS only.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Dec 18, 2019 3:45 PM in reply to nG923

    Hi Neelima,

    I have requested an FAE to get in touch with you.
    Hope you can get your issue solved.


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