Request to share ADG732 & ADG619 impedance value


I'm planning to use ADG732 & ADG619 in my project as i could not find 1:64 Analog switch.

1) I want to know ADG732's impedance of Sx wrt D for the selected and unselected pins, i.e, impedance on S1 - S32 with respect to D when switch S1 is selected, will this impedance be same while selecting any of the switches from S1 to S32

2) And also to know about ADG619's impedance value on the S2 to D when S1 is selected and S1 to D when S2 is selected

3) Will there be any drop or injection to the analog signal on any certain conditions

4) I could not find a reference design for ADG619 & ADG732, is it available in any sources?

Can anyone please help?

Thanks and regards