Single AD598 with 8 LVDTs with Multiplexers


I am trying to use a single AD598 with 8 no's of LVDTs.

I am planning to switch the primary excitation and the secondary of the LVDTs to the AD598 via multiplexers.

Please find a concept schematic attached here. (Please ignore P/N of the muxes)

(EDIT: I am checking ADG1409)

Can someone guide me in the correct direction by pointing to correct devices (multiplexers) to use?

LVDT specification

Pretec LVDT probe 2924 (+/- 1mm)

Voltage: 3v

Freq : 13KHz ( I may use 3KHz)

Resistance : 2K (so excitation current is 1.5mA)

Please reply.

EDIT : Checking ADG1409
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