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ADG467 Bandwidth


I'm wondering about the ADG467 -3dB bandwidth. There is a Insertion Loss graph in the datasheet with a flat region at lower frequencies alright.
But the flat value indicates -3dB! Does this really mean that even at low frequencies only 70% of the input signal will pass through with the ADG467?

Thanks for any light on this.

  • Hi Teap,


    You are correct. The ADG467 is an octal channel protector, and its frequency response plot, in the datasheet, shows that from 120 kHz to 10 MHz the insertion loss is approximately -3 dB. This is due to the voltage drop across the on-resistance of the switch.

    As an alternative, you could use the ADG5462F (quad channel protector), which has a much lower on-resistance, thus the insertion loss is higher than -1 dB up to 20 MHz. If fact, the ADG5462F has a -3 dB bandwidth of 318 MHz.

    Also, this part has an improved fault protection feature that can withstand higher voltages than the ADG467 and it has an interrupt flag that indicates the fault status.


    Yours sincerely,

    Igor Ono.