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ADG1204 VCC supply range


I am looking for 4:1 switch which is required for switching input signal over 4 channels.

The input signal has 10ns of rise time and 20ns pulse duration with duty cycle of 1%. 

We want to use this input signal for further pulse processing and hence we don't want to alter any pulse shaping and require very less capacitance on the input level.

I was going through the CMOS switches and found ADG1204 to be good match with 6.5pF drain and source capacitance but the issue is with supply range. All the test data and characteristics mentioned are tested over 15V or 12V or 10V. We want to have the power level at 5V as we are not generating higher filtered voltages on board.

Can you please send the test data for lower voltages so that I can check if it is suitable for my need.


If there is an alternate part which would suffice my needs for low stray capacitance please suggest, whether OPA based or FET based switches.



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